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Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Name this island. #spacegeo #space #iss

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1687 days ago

Name this island. #spacegeo #space #iss


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Leonardo_Real 1666 days ago

God and wonderful for creating a world with so many beautiful things as our plant #Earth

RomyPhoto2 1680 days ago

great picture! #Earth

ko2ri 1685 days ago

はぁー・・・ぁ! (場所答える前に感嘆のため息をつかせてください。。)

a_cup_of_sea 1686 days ago

おお!? ディスカバリー!!

ryutaro8 1686 days ago


Jucatoni 1687 days ago


Viviane_Vivi_ 1687 days ago

aiiii que inveja!

suka0421 1687 days ago

マレー半島なんですね。 毎回、皆さんのコメントをカンニングして、地図で確認しています(^v^)

stevjosco 1687 days ago

I don't know what island it is but I know it's definitely not Australia (or Tasmania)

kevinhavre 1687 days ago

fonsecagil- YES! Now I see it, I tilted the earth so it was at an angle and zoomed, I see Pulau Bengkalis, Rangsang and Karimunbesar (the 3 islands at the bottom of the picture...

Stelygs 1687 days ago

Malaysia! Tricky quiz, not an island ;) that's a fascinating view, THX!

fonsecagil 1687 days ago

This is not an island, it's the Malay Peninsula with Singapore at the right corner of the picture and these two islands at the bottom belongs to Indonesia

kevinhavre 1687 days ago

Paul, not quite the right shape, I spun Borneo around in Google Earth (lol that sounds funny!) so that west is "up" and it is close, but the SE coast is not jagged enough and there are small isands where Celebus and Sulu seas should be...

soundmomo 1687 days ago


chigasakihiramo 1687 days ago

マレー半島?  以前見たことがあるな~  オービタネーム?

margari_mar 1687 days ago

wwwoowwww! como siempre bellisimo! saludos de guatemala

nissyoesman 1687 days ago

i like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paulbrichardson 1687 days ago

Bamondes may be right about Philipines. On zooming out further, though, I would say BORNEO

Kickalien 1687 days ago

Oh! ....yes, every land existing on the earth is an island in the ocean. That vast land might be....the Big Island (Hawaii).