Super Junior 이동해


-Super Junior- 이동해 연기 , 무대 , 버릴수 없다 ....

에뜨랑제(Etranger)판타지!! 추천받아서 살짝봤는데...완전 재밌어요 !! 앱스토어에서 보실수 있습니다!! ^^날씨추운데 감기조심 !!!!

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1693 days ago

에뜨랑제(Etranger)판타지!! 추천받아서 살짝봤는데...완전 재밌어요 !! 앱스토어에서 보실수 있습니다!! ^^날씨추운데 감기조심 !!!!


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RiniYV88 1288 days ago

cute oppa

eva140188 1341 days ago

so cute oppa...

kah_lary 1430 days ago

So beautiful>.<

chanyoori 1455 days ago


A123ing 1510 days ago

= = 我怎麼沒看過這張 囧

ChiaHui419 1512 days ago

dea2alqmar 1517 days ago

so cut

eunhee95 1520 days ago


Shall2507 1521 days ago

Donghae ah, you're really cute. Yesterday, Super Junior to Vietnam but I don't have the opportunity to meet you, I'm sorry. June 8, I'll go to American, and I will visit the airport in Korea. Me and my sister always wish to see Super Junior, especially to

7n7oonh 1548 days ago

당신은 정말 훌륭해요 ...

solysmsm 1558 days ago

so hansom sarangeh

18091998ester 1577 days ago

Oppa so very cute ...

liegjepiet 1601 days ago

Tzz...look that can I like him???
But he's so...-_-...? I don't know.
But I like him so...^^

marxulila 1603 days ago

Happy Valentine's Day!! You're the only one in my heart!!! I luv U so much!!

miyukirena 1605 days ago

you look so cute...

malinasalim 1606 days ago

omooo ! pretty namja ! I Love You Lee Donghae ! :)

Devil_Music 1609 days ago

please .. just speak English !!!

ycar1021 1620 days ago

SS3...can't wait to see it here in the Phlippines.....

geminican 1627 days ago

this pix makes u quite look like my neighborhood. haha

Mita_NoV 1630 days ago