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was at ala moana shopping ctr... where Japanese tourists shop until they're DEAD!!!

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2169 days ago

was at ala moana shopping ctr... where Japanese tourists shop until they're DEAD!!!


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Mandy4blue 1922 days ago

LOL, that's too funny!

danidepp__ 2023 days ago

ROTFL!! :)

pinkywinchester 2057 days ago


AinaHarada 2154 days ago

thats a bit mean of ya:P but i like it!haha
i also saw several famous japanese stars shoppin there when i lived in hawaii:) but u r the one i wish 2 c the most :p OMG! what did i just SAY?!*blush*

christymgarcia 2168 days ago

LOL!! it is cute though

MrsCaseyCAB 2169 days ago

that's just a power nap...give them 20 min + they're back to the racks lol

cigaldelf 2169 days ago

Finaly here is the real cause of the Japon's trade deficit! abuse of Vuittton kills !

KeriCawse 2169 days ago

Brilliant, reminds me of your character in Bobby Z

Nada_Luvs_Pw_1R 2169 days ago

Hahaha! So funny!

Sherri73 2169 days ago

That's so funny! :)

Kacha0106 2169 days ago

after the working day =)

1Sexy_Diva 2169 days ago

Hahahaha omg Lmao!!!

marriedin 2169 days ago

ha! little do they know they are missing out on the whole beautiful island, north shore, lani kai...
screw the shopping centers!

maryUNLVEGAS 2169 days ago

looks like a postcard ah

KatKerr0307 2169 days ago

lol!!! doesn't look like they bought anything though!!! :b

Melindian 2169 days ago

thats flippin hilliarious.

tica808 2169 days ago

lmao--- great place to shop but the crowd of people sucks! hope you didn't spend too much $ :)

camiromero2010 2169 days ago

DWL!!!! That's just too funny!!!

sarah17777 2169 days ago

lol..just a little odd...

Bebeknows 2169 days ago

Looks like the Westchester Mall, where my partner waits, while I shop, LOL.