Soichi Noguchi 野口 聡-


Long duration space flight! Head of Astronaut Office, JAXA

Name this city! #space #iss #spacegeo

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2016 days ago

Name this city! #space #iss #spacegeo


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RIKSHAZ9LICK 1998 days ago

Its Cancun in Mexico

wendypp4 2015 days ago

I live near Wellfleet - it's a great little town. But seeing it from orbit is so cool! Great pix!

kevinhavre 2015 days ago

Stelygs, right again! (you got Malay Peninsula...

Stelygs 2015 days ago

Cape Cod National Seashore & Wellfleet! Beautiful! :) Wow, so many astro-quizzers now, thank you! :)

_nephilim 2015 days ago

O.O idea. Name it better yourself! ;))

DUROMAN 2015 days ago

the peninsula of paraguana in falcon state venezuela

Kickalien 2016 days ago

とっても美しい所だから、虫食いかな ・・・・ 一度は行ってみたい

suka0421 2016 days ago

綺麗ですねぇ~・・・・  しかし、皆さんよくわかりますね。

frankaamalian2 2016 days ago

True, Is Wellflee. Beautiful place !!!

chigasakihiramo 2016 days ago

マイアミ ケープコッド?  紺碧、サンゴの美しい海

RuffyofLA 2016 days ago

Wellfleet isnt exactly a city but... sure looks Cape Codish with rt 6 running down center.

nasu_kazu 2016 days ago

Ah! Wellfleet is correct. I checked GoogleEarth now :-) It's interesting. Next Q please :D

Jucatoni 2016 days ago


a_cup_of_sea 2016 days ago

Wow!! "Name this city!" return!!!! The answer??? I have no idea... but, I love your idea!!!! ;)))))))

yosukeino_jp 2016 days ago

Miami or around?

DeShilianGuuey 2016 days ago

Sure, It's not Santiago de Chile

Ordazanna 2016 days ago

Please give us like Scott Kelly some tips about the place. Thanks

fonsecagil 2016 days ago

It`s Cape Cod and the city of Wellfleet, Barnstable county in Massachusetts

efmillanr 2016 days ago

Wellfleet, in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

Arialdil 2016 days ago