Ten-month-old Farida was severely malnourished during Niger's food crisis this spring until she arrived at a CARE-supported clinic.

Later this week, CARE is kicking off a Thanksgiving Hunger Drive with RT2Give. You can register for your free account at http://bit.ly/bbsNE7 . Remember, even though you will be asked for your credit card information, you will not be charged at this time!

Once you're registered, watch CARE's Twitter account for tweets asking you to retweet to give. When you retweet, you'll be sent a direct message asking you to confirm your donation. That way, you'll always be in control of when and how much you donate.

Watch this quick video from @RT2Give for more information on how to donate on Twitter http://bit.ly/8ZETbh .

Photo Credits: 2010 Kathryn Richards/CARE