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2076 days ago


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MenteCacto 1516 days ago

mudou bastante

kibal4iw 1647 days ago

Old logo much better as for me.

rhalazon 1724 days ago

New Gmail .is good, nothing fantastic though, good colors, a bit slower , slide handles need allow mor email content /slide.The difference between before and after is insignificant , both look almost the same , v good!

MonuvediMonu 1793 days ago


xvoyager 2033 days ago

Its great!

suheeb 2068 days ago

Drop shadow is missing, change in saturation, by google tag-line realigned, TM is smaller, the "m for mail" is different. I am I missing something else here? Honestly - are you sure you are OK with this? I would believe it is a fake if I wouldn't have kno

aekpani 2069 days ago

looking awesomenesS!

smartbloggerz 2073 days ago

That's a really awesome new design that shows the hard work...(ps. I am joking)

BEAVIS454 2073 days ago

Am I missing something? Just wasted my time looking at this page. They moved "by Google". Wow!!! big deal.

danieldugas 2073 days ago

liamG ?

Bullpuky 2074 days ago

6 of one, half a dozen of the other...

jeremyfaulkner 2075 days ago

well done!

aaronrcouch 2075 days ago

Good point! It shows how Gmail really isn't concerned much. I like the change a lot!

NextDoorKid 2075 days ago

Its a symbol that Google is holding closer(hung) to it's mail contact database. Way 2 go, FB is selfish.

badave 2076 days ago

It's funny that Facebook comes out with an email service and Gmail comes out with a barely changed logo

KampLinda 2076 days ago

I like the envelope in the before logo better, the other letters in the after logo are good.

viper400a 2076 days ago

Neat. :)

peaknet 2076 days ago

Good work! I like the subtle yellow tinge on the envelope icon now. The "by Google" also sits better too.

aenigma_es 2076 days ago

Simple.. but effective!

mangmang 2076 days ago

This calls for a new T Shirt !