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Credit: The CW/Jack Rowand

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1840 days ago

Credit: The CW/Jack Rowand


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Nel4o 1840 days ago

First Dean! Then Cas! Get sick of Meg's 'peanutbutter kiss'!

vtl77 1840 days ago

1. Its Meg. We saw this actress before (when the Harvelles...) 2. They're making a deal about Crowley. There is no way our Cas would willingly kiss a demon unless its for a deal. 3. Dean's reaction had better be priceless.

spn_junkie_23 1840 days ago

Well, I'll be damned! And I think I know who it is too. I'm so happy for Cas, it's about time that angel gets some sugar.

MishaMadeMeDoIt 1840 days ago

My expression when I saw this matches Sam's here! 8-[

raelee514 1840 days ago

grrr. it's wrong! sigh. Dean will get his angel back, LOL

Aria_Salvatore 1840 days ago

Wait who is that? Other than Cas and Sam.

Nunney2584 1840 days ago

Made of epic win. This looks more than interesting. Can't wait.

jace_89 1840 days ago

"Oops, I think I slipped my tongue in her mouth". Direct quote from Misha. xD

LauInLA 1840 days ago

My mistake, credit is Michael Courtney - adjust accordingly.