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i like food a lot and i like modeling a little and i like my dogs and boyfriend somewhere in between

'stache and you shall receive!  @johnlegend @andyroddick

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2082 days ago

'stache and you shall receive!


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KristinaElle 2076 days ago

Oh dear, I just saw this. We'll forgive you since it's for charity.

clairexxx 2081 days ago

Its like a fine painting the more i look the better it gets the tash is desturbing

Tall_Karen 2081 days ago

Is this part of Movember?

shazfern 2081 days ago

looks like overspill from starbucks coffee

carlosfvarela 2081 days ago

Haha, you look like a hostage with that newspaper in front of you.

misswrestlers 2081 days ago

oh my god!!! it's creepy!

Darkohako 2081 days ago

Haahaa! Scorching hot man.....leave it for the Auz Open.

toothcleaner3 2081 days ago

SHAVE IT AND PAY THE BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alcalejon 2082 days ago

HAHAHAHA oh, come on ! Looks like you're gonna break into some house man :P

arodd1280 2082 days ago

Not a good look for u Andy

stephongriggs 2082 days ago

Total Creeper Status!! lol

ligiasmelo 2082 days ago

OMG, u r so funny! Peter Griffin said "With great mustache comes great responsibility". Do you feel it?

KatieSchoepflin 2082 days ago

Pretty sure the stache along with the scowly face makes for a mugshot.

EmeraldEyes687 2082 days ago

no just no lol you look like you could be an extra in Napoleon Dynamite

Baritsa 2082 days ago

really, Andy, save it for London, kill your opponent with your appearance!!! they should be scared!

pretzelzone 2082 days ago

you look like a pedophile...or a seventies' porn star

MatthewRHopkins 2082 days ago

Gary Houseman approves.

mikeymusicman_d 2082 days ago

absolute legend!

dolopes 2082 days ago

you look like a weird mexican dude.

cindy67 2082 days ago

HA!! Looks bit fake tho. Gonna keep it next two weeks? Great way 2 distract yr opponents.