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Lastly, because I know you've all been dying to know, an answer to the age old mystery.

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1661 days ago

Lastly, because I know you've all been dying to know, an answer to the age old mystery.


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floralfashions 1660 days ago

that is sooo funny, thanks Josh, Josh you lighten my world with your songs! You don't know your value

amjPeace 1660 days ago

OMG! We finally found Jimmy Hoffa!

Lara_Redmond 1660 days ago


Getting your new album today, YAAY!

Rains_tango 1660 days ago

Josh! You made my day..! Hilarious!

LeyAnne_Purple 1660 days ago

haha... :D hilarious.... but now i know.. ;P haha

amifraise 1661 days ago

LOL! Creative...

xrarelightx 1661 days ago


7thH0kage 1661 days ago

lmao ;p

mpricera87 1661 days ago

Haha Josh that's awesome. I needed a good laugh.

rosie_nguyen_LA 1661 days ago

debating the last 2 minutes on which guy has it worse. the guy on top or bottom? think about it...

AmberKennedyxx 1661 days ago

I DON'T GET IT! what's the answer to the age old mystery???? This just looks trippy!

jgsurfdivajg 1661 days ago

Now that is just straight up Gangsta! LOL ...Wow. Hmm

wyomingprincess 1661 days ago


f4ce_p4lm 1661 days ago

You sir, have changed how I look at the world with this twitpic. 0.0 Bravo

Lemeline 1661 days ago

C'est drôle ça!!! haha!!!

AdamEyesd 1661 days ago

don't know which is more improbable, the actual or the overlay, gawd lol

Zero_Slacker_ 1661 days ago

Ok, ok, OKAY! hahahah I still can't get over it. The mysetery is solved! All thanks to you Josh. WTG!

Zero_Slacker_ 1661 days ago

AHAHAHAHA!!!! Finally!!!! I feel so much better now! Thank youuuu

angelwings0511 1661 days ago