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2239 days ago


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ddritzenhein 2076 days ago

It looks like Fred that you just passed gas and it is from this lemon

FELIXjk007 2213 days ago

" and this is what happen's if you don't leave it alone at night! "

seemybeer 2223 days ago

where's the red baseball cap?! miss those days..

MarleysMum 2236 days ago

holy gourds batman!!

lorilovesmusic 2236 days ago

... i cuntfused ... ??? ... what is that ??? ...

devilish_hydra 2236 days ago

Funky shit.....What is it?No really....WTF

g924 2237 days ago

it looks like a turkey! gobble gobble...freakin wierd!

KrisKrueger 2237 days ago

Let's cut ! =:O

TheCrazyLirpa 2237 days ago

thats....err.. thats....???? wtf!

parules 2237 days ago

That looks like a Buddha's Hand citrus!

MoonSerenade 2238 days ago

really interesing

68fwd 2238 days ago

my goodness, thats fuckin scary.

Morto88 2238 days ago

WTF?! This lemon was imported from Chernobyl!?

greenwhitebobo 2239 days ago

When life gives you a lemon like this, ask for salt and Tequila :)

slavomirbencat 2239 days ago

little bit of radiation ? :-O

Aimesik 2239 days ago

That's gonna be some nuclear lemonade my friend.

dee_Ick18 2239 days ago

Did you grow that yourself? Whack.

LMGoodwin 2239 days ago

It looks liek it's giving everyone the finger...

shellabella76 2239 days ago

When life gives you lemons, squirt it in their eye and haul ass!!

SBreedingABQ 2239 days ago

Like the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...When life gives you acorn squash lemons, it's time to party!!