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Working on Game 2!!!. Also SMB will never be on PS3 sorry:(

a teaser for the pc character roster... mysterious!

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1839 days ago

a teaser for the pc character roster... mysterious!


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iRoflcakes 1828 days ago

how is that naija? or watever the name is HOW?

DeekayAsFuq 1829 days ago

So... RunMan was confirmed... but neither of the last two look like RunMan...

CaptainDesk 1836 days ago

Headcrab, Gooball, Runman, ???

Brian_Babin 1836 days ago

Blog Updated: Headcrap is Steam exclusive and Goo Ball is non-Steam. Link:

AgeNtNicK 1837 days ago

okay so the 4th one IS INFACT the headcrab from hl2. its a steam exclusive.

TheLupineOne 1838 days ago

It looks like no-one has any idea on who the shapeshifter (?) is... I don't either.

DanielGG11 1838 days ago

where are Gish and alien hominid???!!!

yaddajohn 1838 days ago

Ogmo has downs :<

iRoflcakes 1838 days ago

team meat said heas only on xbox not pc/wii

ericbottineau 1839 days ago

This attention-holding state is fatal! And no Chibi Knight!

Nintendawg_Ben_ 1839 days ago

Is the one on the right on the top column the guy from I Wanna Be The Guy? If so, I need this game.

HACKhalo2 1839 days ago

1.) Elephant from AU 2.) Goo from World of Goo 3.) ??? 4.) erm...

Mickeydonedidit 1839 days ago

Wait, that was wii. Nvm! ^^

Mickeydonedidit 1839 days ago

I just had an awesome thott for the transformer! Blob from Boy and his blob! He's indie, right?

ThatMoneyBee 1839 days ago

That's definitely the elephant from Achievement Unlocked in the bottom center.

COlimar788 1839 days ago

I definitely think the second one is the ball from Within a Deep Forest... Goo Ball can be on Wii.

22blacksword 1839 days ago

The upside down blue man is the guy from VVVVVV I think.

Lockyy 1839 days ago

Is that a creeper?

Jademalo 1839 days ago

No idea for the first one.. Second one HAS to be the world og goo gooball, No idea of other two.

Tommy012345 1839 days ago

2: Annoying orange?
4: Piranha Plant from Mario?