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i enjoy music, style and food. just a normal teenage kid. dont act different.

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do u know the secret recipe of krabby patty? haha...

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1354 days ago

do u know the secret recipe of krabby patty? haha...


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Boy_Belieeber 1101 days ago

it is justin i know justin likes spongebob

like_a_burrito 1103 days ago

i know the secret recipe n_n not kidding i know it :D i found it on google ahaha :B

khristinacalado 1155 days ago

plankton?!!? OMAGASSHH ur tryng to prank us!! ahahahaha :DP

xJustinLoveMex 1186 days ago

I know who you are! You are plankton :P

justinb_dreamer 1219 days ago

yes , a bit of love and too much of craziness makes kraby patties

youarestrenght 1230 days ago

Owww SpongeBob Squarepants :3 ;D! I really love it! LMAO :)

caariitoo123 1311 days ago

amm let me think...meat??nonno i'm wrong..OH I KNOW..GUM!! YEAH I KNOW IT.. i'm so smart..hahah..LOL

betzy_97 1326 days ago

BOB ESPONjA!!!!! mmmm.... se ve sexy O.o.............okno XD! .......yo quiero probar esas gomitas! ¬3¬

JERRYsoSWAG 1326 days ago


FC_JB_JV 1326 days ago

Bob my DIVO <33

FC_JB_JV 1326 days ago

I love Bob <33

biebsmoustache 1333 days ago

Bob♥! I lovee!

TefiGuillen 1334 days ago

I LOVE SPONGE BOB! *_________* Krabby Patties MALLETTE lol. Yuuummyy :B

NathsBieber 1338 days ago


geisabbastos 1343 days ago

give it to me, please? thanks. ;9

fanderulobieber 1343 days ago

Spongebob ♥

justinb_brasill 1343 days ago

delicious :p :)))))

SexyBieberMoves 1343 days ago

OMB! I love this I was curios to try them then i was like they taste really good! haha

keepitreal4000 1343 days ago

hmm... lots of sugary goodness???

christinebieblz 1343 days ago

i know...its pickles ...=D