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My name is Jag or Michael. Take your pick. I sing in the band A Skylit Drive

It's only the beginning...

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1750 days ago

It's only the beginning...


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Squuarepants 1667 days ago

aww! ansious only 11 days <3!

Kooonytaa 1667 days ago

11 days !!! ♥

XtreeHugger13 1715 days ago

Haha i took one of these off the wall in Allentown shhhhhh XD U guys were amazing

Craigopocalypse 1737 days ago

NO WAY.. my birthdays in february lol

Kida_Masaomi 1744 days ago

Febtuary is too damn far!!! I wants it now!!! >:D

_QTALMEPEGAR 1746 days ago

OMG \o/

askylitlove 1748 days ago

Omg :D

Qantaqa 1750 days ago

like like like! I'm looking forward to listening to it!

builtbymachines 1750 days ago

I cant wait!!!

livingnostalgic 1750 days ago

Sweet. STOKED.

SammyInsanity 1750 days ago

Hell yeah!! :]

madelineyo 1750 days ago

Can't wait for the new.cd!also can't wait to see u guys tomorrow night in pensacola! ;)

OGShnawko 1750 days ago

WOOO!!!! <3

Murtago 1750 days ago

February can't come soon enough.

WeCleanUpSoWell 1750 days ago