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1253 days ago


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ebayknow 888 days ago

The sweetness of Google!!!

WingAng 1222 days ago

Nice... Damn Cute funny... That's why I always like Google so much, they're cute & creative... ^^

AlexRamallo 1222 days ago

nice, perfect for the holidays! maybe the gingerbread name is a hint for the nexus s release date!

KevChhoeng 1224 days ago

Would adding THC disqualify me??? Kidding...

smurfzillla 1225 days ago

Google employees

5yeonU 1226 days ago

so cool~

binghuan 1227 days ago

Oh mind.......will it blend ??

eguic 1227 days ago

I did mine

RockTique 1227 days ago

Ah, the Sexy Nexy! I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a Nexus S today...whadda ya say? #NexusS

Basil123456789 1227 days ago

I dont just looks sweet from the outside. I am amazing from the inside. 'Gingerbread'

LUniqlo 1227 days ago


leonyuen 1227 days ago


jcavichiolo 1241 days ago

Ownnnn so cute!

JUICYAUDIO 1246 days ago

Tasty :-D

kilyoulyoon 1247 days ago

Ginger Chrome OS

Redmoca 1248 days ago


midj971 1249 days ago


monarca1 1250 days ago


karrrie 1250 days ago

x'mas droids?! may i express my hunger for them? ;P

bishal_ghimire 1250 days ago

really excited about this :) hope its really sweet for old mobile wth less RAM n ROM as well !