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Buenos Aires soundcheck, with some help from a few fans...

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1387 days ago

Buenos Aires soundcheck, with some help from a few fans...


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NicoAgolti 1062 days ago

Paul Get baack Yoyo jaja come to argentina!

PaulMcacrtney 1096 days ago


NancyPodre 1123 days ago

He's my boyfriend, I'm Nancy, Paul! :*

paulmcfaggot 1203 days ago

Paul comes back to Porto Alegre ! Please !

luizam_ 1209 days ago

Oh My God,you're still so Hot Paul!

_goodaysunshine 1211 days ago

I didn't have the opportunity to go :'( come back to Argentina pleaseee!I love you Paul

isis_of_march 1212 days ago


musichoir 1220 days ago

LUCKY BASTERDS lol i'd kill for that

vero1062 1235 days ago

Paul, please come back to Argentina again!!!!

beatleslover44 1237 days ago

those girls are soooo lucky !!

SilviaKill 1293 days ago

Awesome *.*

AnaLuhGutierrez 1293 days ago

wow, if Paul had invite me to the stage, I will freak a little bit, but it would be awesome. Brazil loves u

Camy_Beatles 1318 days ago

Thank You ♥

o0pennylane0o 1324 days ago

LIFE!. Thank you very much

o0pennylane0o 1324 days ago

I love you with all my soul, not if leeras or not!. But I want that you know that you made me live through the day more happily of my life am 19 years old and I went to the recital alone. I believe that you eat am going to forget of this November 11 IN MY

alduarribas 1341 days ago

Ah, I love you paul. I could not go see it, but surely broke. you are fantastic....

MartinGonzalez_ 1343 days ago

Please come back soon to South America!!

MartinGonzalez_ 1343 days ago

Paul is a genious! that concert was AWESOME! It was the best day of my life. thank you so much!!

veromiraglio 1353 days ago

I was thereeee! Just a few metres! It was the most important day in my life! Thanks Paul It was a dream

geeky_teacher 1379 days ago

I attended your November 11th show, it was awesome!!! Please, come back soon to Argentina!