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.@selenagomez having popcorn w/pickle juice. Thanks for the advice!!!

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2263 days ago

. having popcorn w/pickle juice. Thanks for the advice!!!


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LVonBliss 2240 days ago

reading all this pickle talk makes me wanna have a pickle

aimeeabel 2247 days ago

pickles are good with just about everything!

beccamichelle13 2259 days ago

hey I do that because of too!! so yummy :)

Orange_Ghost 2262 days ago

What kind of pickles? Maybe it makes a difference. ?

Crazy4Jimmy 2262 days ago


Catgirl360 2263 days ago

Are you pregnant?!! Because that's a strange combo!

jjmdeluna 2263 days ago

hahaha!! you loved it jimmy!

matt6604 2263 days ago

popcorn and pickle juice is the shit!

Chandacat 2263 days ago

Hmm...I'll have to try that. I usually just sprinkle mine with olive oil and baking yeast.

MthwHy 2263 days ago

Calm down

JP_Lankey 2263 days ago

My wife ate this Religiously when she was pregnant. Never could bring myself to eat it though.

reese257 2263 days ago

never heard of it, is it suppose to cure something

TheOrtega 2263 days ago

is that any good?

boilerfan_98 2263 days ago

Oh hell no!! This is just all kinds of wrong!!

rozziehizzo 2263 days ago

Try mixing it with lemon juice an kosher salt. Supes good.

jackiebenhayon 2263 days ago

i tried it after i saw that episode, and my family made fun of me :( hahah whatevs. its soo good! yummm

SMA20071 2263 days ago

Hm, I might try it !

xSelenaStan 2263 days ago

thats another thing does! She cals it her Texas Mix. Popcorn & Tobasco

tedderlicious 2263 days ago

might try it. also good with lemon juice and/or tobasco! pickle juice snocones are the best!