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Congrats to Katherine W. for her winning Mars tour t-shirt design!

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2261 days ago

Congrats to Katherine W. for her winning Mars tour t-shirt design!


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Tripp31z 2173 days ago

deforming Hi take a look at

Chocoway 2173 days ago

Whoa! There was a competition to design a tee? And I didn't know?! Geez.. Congrats Kat! Cool tee!

Addictedtomars1 2240 days ago

I think it's plain's ok but ....very ...plain.

mooeess 2252 days ago

cool. I want it!!!

eagbabe 2258 days ago

I am not impressed with this tshirt in the least. its boring, nothing special about it....

Eaniemeanymoe 2258 days ago

That gun reminds me a film "Lord of War", specially one Jared's photo with it.

july7babe 2258 days ago

i'm gonna be honest. i'm dont like this design. the gun has been used. its plain looking.

projectfallback 2259 days ago

It won't be hard to create a digital version of this, just appreciate the design. It isn't out of the question that the judges liked it so much they were willing to overlook that it is hand drawn.

raychmop 2259 days ago

Congrats Katherine! I think you did an amazing job, it's perfect for the band.

SparklesOnMars 2260 days ago

Congrats for winning this Katherine! But surely I'm a bit against guns! ;) Nice design anyway!!

JessicaRae242 2260 days ago

It is drawn on paper, not digital art. What happnd to the contest spec rules??

projectfallback 2260 days ago

How do you know it isn't 300dpi?

KatieWombat 2260 days ago

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! i have haters! :D

MicheleFontoura 2260 days ago

Nossa!!! Muito foda! Legal mesmo. A ideia é ótima! Adorei.

Skebz 2260 days ago

what happened to it needing to be high quality (at least 300dpi)?????

Skebz 2260 days ago

but... this isn't that different... :(

Kimi161 2261 days ago

mmm, this isnt really original is it? I agree with disappointed! Also, promoting guns, not cool. Thought this was a different kind of war

Rohirrim_lass 2261 days ago

It's OK. BUT I thought they were looking for original & new. The gun's already been used. What gives?

ddritzenhein 2261 days ago

Cool T-Shirt

Echelon7198_A7X 2261 days ago