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Order #7DaysOfFunk now with me n @DamFunk !!

Bossdogg n a bosslady. Smokin 2gether!!

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1699 days ago

Bossdogg n a bosslady. Smokin 2gether!!


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ThelongReal 866 days ago

#Убитыйдымом .Snoop Dogg:) Партак на плече Зачет.

ChrisLambe7 1446 days ago

Right on brother, ur just a human , doggystyle, I'm 38 now,stole it 93ish , hahaha

mali910901 1626 days ago

wow...soooooooooo sexy!!!

JosephEvans326 1655 days ago

I Thank God that drugs are Outlawed Joseph RobeRT326 Chayan Evans Usagainsttherest coming soon THsee

goleirolucas1 1670 days ago

smoking marijuana - pothead

elviajones 1670 days ago

Stop it. Weed will be legal soon. Snoop didn't put any blunts in anyones mouth. I smoke because I want to not cause snoop does. Grow up and find some other cause that will help someone. Like cure cancer or aids. Hell more kids abuse those perscribtions ya

Frantyesco420 1672 days ago

passes the ball nigga cough cough cough passes the ball nigga smoke always tose

MARIANA25LOPEZ 1672 days ago

I do i love you

NaniGabriela 1672 days ago

Wow...what a tatoo!!!

JennDIVAx 1672 days ago

love this snoop!
your amazingg hehee, follow me on twitter please :D x

jbeautay 1672 days ago


kris10777 1672 days ago


anupGOD 1677 days ago

super kool but as u know SMOKING is INJURIOUS

Kris561_ 1697 days ago

Loser. Great influence to the kids you coach.

Kolbasa_Bes 1698 days ago

Bad Boy)))

PrettyChick 1698 days ago

I look so cute on your arm baby.
when are u coming home? lol

MsSugarFree 1698 days ago

Aww I am so glad u and ur wife still have all that love 4each other.

MardiGras30 1698 days ago


TheRealJeeh 1699 days ago

For those who think he is sending the wrong message, it is u urself that is turning it to a wrong msg

danij1975 1699 days ago

O guess when your rich you can do whatever you want.....