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LPU members join LP on stage for Faint. Replacements?

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2085 days ago

LPU members join LP on stage for Faint. Replacements?


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Ragghianty 1863 days ago

perfeito *_*

khellynasc2 2079 days ago

Eleees são fd =D

KtLuxford 2081 days ago

they were brilliant i was sooo jealous when they went on stage lucky gits lol and the Thursday show was bloody amazing, best concert i've been to by far :D definitely going to see them again. :D <3 ya guys

SinfulReverie 2082 days ago

I was lucky enough to be there. The guys who got up with you were really great, bet it felt good to be them :D

miss_sam 2083 days ago

Band was amazing on Thursday night! Can't wait to see you again!

Helgisco 2084 days ago

Best concert ever! Thank you, LP!

MsG_PictureIT 2085 days ago

Wicked gig tonight

claudia3793 2085 days ago

u rock !!!!!!!!!!! :)

lestatswife 2085 days ago

They kicked ass! :D And yay, I'm somewhere in this pic xD

Nate_28_ 2085 days ago

I've been perservering and workin really hard, to hopefully be up on stage with you all :)

Vdalem 2085 days ago


Fallen_Virus 2085 days ago

thats not fair..:( why didn't they do that at all concerts :'( lucky them

LadyLimao 2085 days ago

love yeah

LadyLimao 2085 days ago

OMG.. i wanted to be there... LP is my heart..

ellemb_ 2085 days ago

Invejinha master :'( Queria estar aí na galera! \m/

peachwang 2085 days ago

I wanna be there too!!!!!!!

karenkaw 2085 days ago


kleberschneider 2085 days ago

that lucky! Awesome!

clf7ey 2085 days ago

So want that to be me.You were amazing at Manchester last week,just wish i could see you again soon

derpshin 2085 days ago

Linkin Park my life is you ♥♥♥