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2839 days ago


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TheCrazyLirpa 2837 days ago

* growls* i cant have coffe til after i have this baby.... see this, for me,... is like being impotent and watching porn!

slavomirbencat 2838 days ago

what coffy u like ?

CarterMoore 2838 days ago

That's what they call a classic breakfast! What kind of joe.r u drinking?

Ncpitypat 2838 days ago

just like I like it

ValeriaSab 2838 days ago

delicious, very delicious! Greetings

greenwhitebobo 2838 days ago

wakey wakey? Ha! It's almost time for bed over here ;) It's fun to see what people are doing all over the world at the same moment. Getting up, getting to bed, having lunch....

Morto88 2838 days ago

MR. Durst You just gote up and I go to bed ;P
( On my clock is 10:15 pm )

shainelin 2839 days ago

coffee.... enjoy!
Not my thing though.

AceNichols33 2839 days ago

the #1 breakfast of over caffinated white people ;]

NicoleDanger 2839 days ago

that's not eggs && bacon?

FBIpimp 2839 days ago

Jesus its 19:27 where i am....