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THESE are the students that ruined it for the rest. #demo2010 #ukcuts #hecuts #tuitionfees

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2266 days ago

THESE are the students that ruined it for the rest. #demo2010 #ukcuts #hecuts #tuitionfees


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rossofcourse 2252 days ago

To be remembered today again, especially.

Nicholas19 2263 days ago

Eton and Harrow are good schools and David Cameron is trying his best to improve Britain. God bless

MikePowell1 2264 days ago

Never a good gun around when one is needed

BigLouis 2265 days ago

Just a load of Bullingdon!

BigLouis 2265 days ago

Don't they just look like what they ARE! Rich, smart, privileged, arrogant, so up themselves, far to sexy for their shirts, planning to take over the word! Evil penguins, plotting to take over the world!

ericbroon 2265 days ago


ontheflesh 2265 days ago

Wild boys!

mnepatrick88 2265 days ago

What a bunch of fine, upstanding gentlemen. At least they (or their fathers) picked up the tab

carogriffin 2265 days ago


CliveForNothing 2265 days ago

Really, honestly, regardless of your political views, these are a proper bunch of cunts.

I mean, aren't they. Look at them.

mickknap 2265 days ago

and to think , there are plenty of people ,who are thinking , OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE !!!, i voted for this , well you lame son of a bitches , you now have to live with it !!!!

mattwardman 2265 days ago

You mean the ones who haven't been in power, and didn't introduce fees? Idiot.

RedStarBam 2265 days ago

haha i like it made me laugh, dirty tory bastards tho

david_m_thomas 2265 days ago


TheHuxCapacitor 2265 days ago

Is that our "very own" Boris Johnson on the front row of that pic?

nitramyad 2265 days ago

What a collection of hoons !
I wouldn't vote for any of them

redclaire 2265 days ago

They look like a still shot taken from a Spandau Ballet video. Or a really strange strip troupe.

davidearlgray 2265 days ago

More like the W*nkers club!!

snookcocker 2265 days ago

The epitome of good for nothing student scum

straccers 2265 days ago

good one!