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Looking tough and beat up at rehearsal. Put in a 6 hour day. I'm fried

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2220 days ago

Looking tough and beat up at rehearsal. Put in a 6 hour day. I'm fried


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sfarmer76 2191 days ago

Ah, cheer up Dave. Nothing worse than a sad sack at the holidays. :)

OneandOnlyLiLT 2195 days ago

Lookin like a 6yr old X-mas mornin who woke up 2 find that "gotta have it or die" bike, NOT THERE!

TheRealShylaB 2203 days ago

Awww how did I miss this pic? You're so cuuuute. xD

JohnALinc 2204 days ago

Does this mean we can watch tv together now!!!

CriticSssms 2215 days ago

Great show; so we know what Russell does for work, why don't we know what all of the other characters do for work?? They just hang out in their apts and now Russell is a rich guy hanging with deadbeats; I don't get it.

jillw 2218 days ago

No wonder I have sex dreams about you! Well, you, Howard Stern and Kevin James

Naydeeners1989 2219 days ago

It's good to look tough!

CriticSssms 2220 days ago

Reminds me of the same expression of Jean Paul belmondo in the original breathless.

ABEAUTY2UNVEIL 2220 days ago

EXTRA EXTRA.. just in.. "David Spade makes money off of twitter fans for their puns.. next on leno..

__Hayley__ 2220 days ago

Awe, you have this sad look on your face, too. :( Hope you get some well deserved rest soon!

Dyaus_Piter 2220 days ago

That’s horrible. It’s like you’re a slave. Do they really beat you?

ocspike714 2220 days ago

you look like how i feel

Hailamonster 2220 days ago

Lookin gooood

Kreuts 2220 days ago

If u have 2 explain a joke its not really a joke then! Lmao

sterva2000 2220 days ago

Oooooh, honey what!!

allypearce 2220 days ago

ahahahha!! you poor thing you... lol

BionicBeverly 2220 days ago

You day is already over at 12:17 pm??? LOL! Love you David!

missemmamm 2220 days ago

aw, you look adorable.

HowMan38 2220 days ago

David don't u have a union ?

brendad61 2220 days ago

Looks like you could use some sleep. Glad to see Grown ups came out yesterday!