Jamie Campbell Bower


Winter 1988. A woman cries in Hammersmith hospital. Silence, then a childs cry answers. Some say it was divine intervention others a cruel experiment. I am born

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Owie. x

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1358 days ago

Owie. x


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lumarquez03 1316 days ago

ouchh..that hurt!

mari_amarula 1317 days ago


maryaliceblack 1330 days ago

Awww poor :( I hope you recover soon! Xx

Tamarah_S 1355 days ago

Awwwwwww so sorry ur hurt..hope u have a fast recovery...that reminds me of what my leg looked like after snowboarding last winter..ouch

HPFangirl71 1357 days ago

Like I said before... heres wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you much love via the internets

LadyLunaYazz 1357 days ago

Get well soon, Jamie (-:
Hope that you will have a nice time with Dan on the HP7-premiere anyway. (:
XXX ^-^

Nadaiya 1357 days ago

Poor Jamie! How is that happen?

schmeelz 1357 days ago

nice cycle shorts.

Twilight_Spice 1357 days ago

Awww poor foot )*= feel better soon

carlylovex 1358 days ago

Ouch. I hope you get well soon :)

SchniekeMona 1358 days ago

I hope it does'nt hurt too much and you're well maintained.

Falko12 1358 days ago

оо как так?Джейми?
ахах аахха

DaniCrabtree 1358 days ago

Danm Jamie!!!! Get Better soon!!!!

ayeah5 1358 days ago

What happened!?
Are you ok Jamie??:'(

xxmusicfrekxx 1358 days ago

What did you do? Get well soon! :)

agtryn 1358 days ago

I bet that hurts,, be careful please.. :'(

nastya__k 1358 days ago

get well soon X

Jodivb 1358 days ago

ouchies... get well soon! and be careful on those crutches!

FridaElisabeth 1358 days ago

Damn, what happened Jamie? :/
It totally looks swollen.. Get better soon ^-^ xx

StarkidSara 1358 days ago

Aww wish i could make it all better. I know how much broken limbs suck. Feel better quick xxx