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One of the most influential men in the world just gave me the best advice about the adversity I'm going through

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2088 days ago

One of the most influential men in the world just gave me the best advice about the adversity I'm going through


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mytoothlessdad 2087 days ago

Your owned percentage is about to drop...yo

JoeJ7293 2087 days ago

I used to think u were going to b 1 of the all time greats until priorities changed. Wasted talent

mariono0 2087 days ago

Boss how u been. check this new thing i found its like a sports drudge

Jonb32oz 2087 days ago

cmon now chad...

JoeJ7293 2087 days ago

Ur team is 2-6, but u just seem to care about how many touches u get. No wonder u have never won

JoeJ7293 2087 days ago

don't u think ur teammates r annoyed about ur obsession for attention & bitching about not getting the the ball

46Maelstrom 2087 days ago

What ocho, man i hate callin you that , Go back to Chad you been in the league 10 years dog, you have danced dated commercialed twitted during games Donned a fake hall of fame jacket , done everything but say i wanna do wahtever it takes to get a damn ri

JoeJ7293 2088 days ago

Chad, Why would listen to anything this despicable human being says?

Kristinkaye20 2088 days ago

Rev.J.J. was lucky to meet you.

vgamble84 2088 days ago

***Keep your head up!!***great pic :-)

LoAnn45239 2088 days ago

Keep working hard , you'll get your mojo back. Is it just me or does the air smell a little cleaner now that shitsburgh left town??!!

Wizass31 2088 days ago

All of u r delusional if u think chad is doin anything good..hes prob not even in top 20 wrs anymor

SirChancellor2u 2088 days ago

Keep doin yo thang my nig no matter who hate on ya u doin somethin that millions of young boys dream of doin. Catch touchdowns and dance fo the haters

CorettaLogan 2088 days ago

that's a good look.

somethnkimmixed 2088 days ago

What did he say? I"m sure it was something you could pass on to your children and others.

somethnkimmixed 2088 days ago

What an experience! WOW!!!!!........

TheTerribleBlog 2088 days ago

Your adversity is the Steelers D and even the Rev. Jackson has no answers for Mr. LeBeau. Keep on doing what you're doing. We love it. - Signed, Pittsburgh

prettycanuck 2088 days ago

what did he say - am sure would be helpful. to the rest of us...

shonep14 2088 days ago

Ocho I seen the game last night... its all good just keep playing hard, cause u still the best.

rafamp85 2088 days ago

but, what did he say you??? please write it