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Former Governor of Alaska and GOP Vice Presidential Nominee

Gotta hand it 2 Mark Burnett &TLC...clever marketing sticker! I'll no doubt keep giving 'em material

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1602 days ago

Gotta hand it 2 Mark Burnett &TLC...clever marketing sticker! I'll no doubt keep giving 'em material


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talkischeap_x 1519 days ago

LOL xD I want this<3

ReaganTMan 1599 days ago

Otherwise it seems like a useless waste of time if you ask me.

ReaganTMan 1599 days ago

Im just curious why people come here to beclown themselves. Can you make $ flaming her?

sheenius 1599 days ago

looks like you rushed that comment. Have another go, my friend.

ReaganTMan 1601 days ago

VernMorrison & sheenius You mock yourselves with your idiotic comments. You can always do a moron check by watching how people react to Sarah Palin. The smart ones respect her accomplishments. The sick-o's start drooling all over themselves and make s

sheenius 1601 days ago

You are being mocked. Not celebrated. Mocked. You should be ashamed of yourself.

VernMorrison 1601 days ago

Only in America could someone as old as McCain have nominated someone as dumb as Palin to be VP.

ReaganTMan 1601 days ago

I can see the White House from Wasilla, baby! BTW, startrekker, if you knew what a brain was, you wouldn't have posted.

gary4205 1601 days ago

Can't wait Sarah. Gonna be a great show.

jasonstuff 1602 days ago

I can't wait to see the show.

startrekker 1602 days ago

If Sarah Palin had another brain it would be lonely.

JRBuckley 1602 days ago

Mark Burnett & TLC are clever, but you are a moron....

BigDanFellers 1602 days ago

I served in Alaska for 3 years, US Army. I'll be watching!

MrBbishop 1602 days ago

Too cool. Like this one.

AngKuhlee 1602 days ago

Hope you come back to Michigan after your book comes out in 2 weeks! So great meeting you before!

AngKuhlee 1602 days ago

Very cute! Can't wait for the show - you are awesome! Keep it up! :)

JoeMyGod 1602 days ago

Only in America can someone so INSANELY stupid be famous. We're Number One!11!!eleventy!

hrh40 1602 days ago

Better than Obama's humor cutting on Special Needs bowling scores, that wasn't clever just callous

Nichollsetal 1602 days ago

What is clever about this??? Perhaps this is more an indication of what Sarah Palin thinks is clever....and that is scarey!!!!