Floyd Mayweather


Entertainer, undefeated boxer, Angel investor, part of the #MoneyTeam and in the check cashing business.

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1841 days ago


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mikenorth44 1726 days ago

cash money shit, and if you dun no u should by know

IngunnaHosonow 1730 days ago

email me at: nicehornygirl (=at=) hotmail.com i got lots of sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

kylehughes5184 1737 days ago

thats alot of money, and your the man...but pacquiao will still kick your ass, or prove me wrong

julio_juicy 1772 days ago

pac man stands no chance....with the boy from michigan

Ludiddy34 1800 days ago

That's how a business man gets it done. Floyd money

Jets187 1832 days ago

All the money in the world cant help you beat Pacquiao, and even you know that.

ttarky 1841 days ago

What's up with the fullblown to your right, dude looks Gayer than Christmas?

Andile13 1841 days ago

money on the legs yeah yeah!!!!!!!! he runs the world....

hag_jay 1841 days ago

you should take a listen MR MONEY HES A GOOD RAPPER REAL TALK..listenhttp://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheese-Crackers-TM/353978554691

ek0li 1841 days ago

hell yeah lets get back to tha money #welcomehomeweezy http://soundcloud.com/jimmy_pop_ali2003

locamoka 1841 days ago

Moneyyyyy wut up wit it

ShamelessAngels 1841 days ago

Mom makes $60 a day right now and is trying to provide. Wish I had that so she didn't have to work so hard at 57!

PHILIPPIAN100 1841 days ago

450,000 racks that's nice my dude. My money grow longer by the day. I'm not where you at but not to far from it either.

mspiph305 1841 days ago

how much is that?

Ahhhthentic87 1841 days ago

Well Damn can you help a chick pay off her student loans Floyd? sheessh lol

__ROZAY 1841 days ago

i'll pass for the money and take you. or both; i'm not picky.

SkippeeJar 1841 days ago

Lookin so inviting.... wsup dawg nuts...

DamnnRiteIGotIt 1841 days ago

Let me get a dollar , DAGG.