Former Mr. Olympia, Conan, Terminator, and Governor of California. I killed the Predator. I told you I'd be back.

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Don't forget to watch The Tonight Show this evening. Major announcement coming.

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1358 days ago

Don't forget to watch The Tonight Show this evening. Major announcement coming.


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HIDIRBULDU 1056 days ago

astalavista baby...the termintor2

HIDIRBULDU 1056 days ago

hay arnii...

Smb04r 1227 days ago

The Terminator meets... the Instigator???

BAXFAX 1317 days ago

это хто?

AEKhinshtein 1343 days ago

Секретное видео Медведев жмёт руку Ходорковскому!

LVPhoto 1343 days ago

Governor Schwarzenegger, is that a watch you’re wearing?

Parisy 1354 days ago

Super HOT ARNIE :))

Wishful_Witch 1354 days ago

Aah the Great Jay Leno!!!

iAM_JUN 1357 days ago

Whoah A-NOLD! I just love to say that Governor LOL. Two famous people, what are you guys up to now :-)

Gerhard_Kaiser 1357 days ago

Two great mens with visions for the future!

noBap74 1357 days ago

For Big man - big clock!

yoann01 1358 days ago

ok sir

st_tema 1358 days ago

а часы-то, часы! во всю ладошку!

leedove78 1358 days ago

is that a quiche on the plate there arnie,i thought they were for girlie men,haha

lovinac 1358 days ago

Jay, you have to have the Governor on for the entire show next time!!!

lovinac 1358 days ago

I guess they (the sour grapes) just never got the fact that California was bankrupt.

lovinac 1358 days ago

I have a feeling that you will still be involved in bringing California back!

lovinac 1358 days ago

Don't listen to the sour grapes! You only do what is best for the people of California!

lovinac 1358 days ago

Thanks for having the guts to govern California! Great job Governor!

Smilovna 1358 days ago

Wow!I like your watch))