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Life, Music, the Struggle, The Experience.FM Mascot Lil Expy, the one and only Black Daniel Dennis, Wrestling's King of Spoilers/Preview Pimp!

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2223 days ago


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DodgerBlu92 2221 days ago

i gotta see this in HD tomorrow...if its gay then im done with tna...if its jeff hardy style awesome im gonna buy that fucker....all hail the anti christ of pro wrestling

jonfun 2221 days ago

This is a shame! Also, I think Megatron's new earth form SUCKS & BLOWS!

edwardwonder4 2222 days ago

Instead of a butterfly its a moth lol im done watching tna.!

_Mayama_ 2222 days ago

Is that the Divas Championship ? Or Megatron just win the TNA Title ?

scottaveli254 2222 days ago

All in favor of whoopin Jeff's or whoever's idea it was to change the belt 2 look like dis say I

KungFu_Grip 2223 days ago

Jeff Hardy designed the belt so that belt is his face.

thaillist1 2223 days ago

The way the TNA world title has been booked like the divas title, might as well make it look the same because it means the same...

RealAdvanced 2223 days ago

are you kidding me??? lmao!!

DodgerBlu92 2223 days ago

i gotta see this shit in Hd b4 i flip the fuck out....

DodgerBlu92 2223 days ago

man what the fuck is this shit...tna had the best f'n belt in the game and they went and bought this replica wwe divas title what the fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JCDemonReaper86 2223 days ago

Here it is, the purple & silver crap! Haha!

gamersglory 2223 days ago

looks like its a custom belt just for hardy like the smoking skull was for Austen

Dalifano 2223 days ago

its not bad. nowhere near as awfu as cenas spinner belt(this is coming from a wwe fan)

Dcloninger13 2223 days ago


USHARDY 2223 days ago

I hope this is like a Hardy exclusive,like how the Smoking Skull Belt was to Austin

Dashing_RKOwned 2223 days ago

LOL It Looks Like The WWE Divas Championship Belt Without The Pink And Purple.

JCDemonReaper86 2223 days ago

Is that a "Jeff Hardy made" TNA World Title? I'm kinda seeing eyes on that belt. But this is BS anyway!!! Or is the TV Title?

OnyxMyst 2223 days ago

What is WITH promotions making BUTTERFLY LOOKING belts!

JCDemonReaper86 2223 days ago

WTF? That's the TNA World Title?

Screamqueenarmy 2223 days ago

is it just me...or does THAT look a bit like the WWE Divas Championship