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today's Caption This photograph...of @neilhimself, taken in a new orleans bookstore.

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1845 days ago

today's Caption This photograph...of , taken in a new orleans bookstore.


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DemonicDragon 1837 days ago

"Hmm... I wonder if I could build a second house out of all these books?"

xdragonladyx 1839 days ago

I love bookstores like this. When you find something special it feels like buried treasure.

kmkat 1840 days ago

Some people fill their closets with clothes. Others, not so much.

jestertrent 1840 days ago

Oh that's not 's library?

TrishaBabbitt 1843 days ago

Author Neil Gaiman dreams of dying and going to heaven....He learns that God is a top shelf hardcover with decorative fonts, illuminated letters, and engraved illustrations. He is in awe that the universe is so perfect and that the author of "the Word" is

Betsynelly 1843 days ago

so perfect ;)

Dynomoose 1843 days ago

That used book shop in on Orleans, between Bourbon and Royal. Great shop. Nice owner.

smalto9 1843 days ago

If that bookshelf were to tip, could I run fast enough?

robgonzo 1843 days ago

holy crap! I was in this bookstore last month! The Arcadian on Orleans.

cyberpunk90 1843 days ago

And Library man looks stoically in his fortress of Bookitude

ryanpsnyder 1843 days ago

gets lost in his own basement.

DeWinterZero 1843 days ago

All across the world booklovers are jealous that he get to browse a bookshop they haven't been to yet.

levitatingcat 1843 days ago

Don't... move... a... muscle. Absolute Sandman Vol 1 is on *top* of the pile!

levitatingcat 1843 days ago

$10, used Neil Gaiman bookend.

RadiumYttrium 1844 days ago

Son of a bitch! That clerk said 'The DaVinci Code' was over here, but all I see are 'Angels & Demons'!

RachieD 1844 days ago

no...i can't....that's a load-bearing novel!

Elwyndas 1844 days ago

Thought Balloon: It would be much easier to browse the titles if the book spines were visible.

elevenses9s11sH 1844 days ago

It seems in this library you have to make a wish then a pray to get what book you want loool

skywalkerchick 1844 days ago

i went to a great used bookstore that had 5 cats and everything smelled of old books and piss. :-)

vali_glesias 1844 days ago

instead of a writer, i should've been a bookseller