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Puerta de Alacala

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1578 days ago

Puerta de Alacala


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BlackCaTT12 1059 days ago

АH ah ah!

LilyMoonOnMARS 1075 days ago


jaredletomylife 1206 days ago

oh, my baby you are so beautiful in this picture, always beautiful ♥ from: Brazil *-*

KobayAlves 1212 days ago

my baby beautiful blond that I love very much ♥ By: Debora - Brazil

HEARTSEATING 1224 days ago

♥ ♥ ♥

Ellen_Carolina 1235 days ago

Jared *--*

nathhielly 1252 days ago

this is my jared! :')

Jaquevazsantos 1266 days ago

My Perfect this Jared s2

MaySilva93 1277 days ago

you mean -Puerta de ALCALA- ^^ ♥

_ThainaMoreira 1295 days ago

Perfection <3

analuziabruce 1312 days ago

Muiiiiiito Liiiiiiindo,né gente?

iisabella_maia 1325 days ago


ylilnedeleva 1325 days ago

I Totally love that white outfit <3 ..and the guy who is in it (; ^.^

MartiMarss 1327 days ago

woow how much people :) and they all love you Jared ..me and the other bulgarian Echelon too

CarolDiasROCK 1330 days ago

Jared é muito bonito! Carinha de anjo.... s2

crunch_hazza 1332 days ago

Jared you are beautiful!!! <3

EchelonSuzy 1355 days ago

Jaaareeed ... oooh <3 ;D POLAND MISS YOU AND 30STM !!!

believeinmars 1360 days ago

It's Puerta de Alcala, not Alacala. Hahahaha, anyway, IT'S NICE :)

Profitfire 1363 days ago

I like your shoes by the way :)

GerRussia 1378 days ago

St. Petersburg is waiting for you