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With Greyson Chance in the studio (:

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1476 days ago

With Greyson Chance in the studio (:


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ChanceAndGrande 1128 days ago

You are so lucky! ♥

KimbyCim 1201 days ago

You guys aren't lucky that he met you girls, he's lucky cause he met u guys ;)

pheoberz 1286 days ago

It would be so cool if the band and greyson did a cover on a lady gaga song!

shatha300 1339 days ago

so cute ;***

MrSraJonas 1471 days ago

awwwwn *-*

Jay_the_Garcia 1475 days ago

OMG that kid looks like jb well the hair and ya cimorelli u guys are looking stunning

MacKiki96 1475 days ago

aww (:

Hannah_Freed 1475 days ago

SO cute!! Love this pic!! Lauren, Christina, and Dani looks so pretty!

FCimorelliband 1475 days ago

Wowww I love this pic!!!!!!!!you are all look amazing!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

CimorelliBieber 1475 days ago

OMG !!!!! I love Greyson and Cimorelli, best pic, but where's Laurens bow ?! :D

KimbyCim 1475 days ago

and are both 12!!!

sangfroid62 1476 days ago

Haha. How much you wanna bet Greyson is crushin' on Lauren?

ashleysmith096 1476 days ago

aww so cute follwo me plz thx <3

Ohheyimjess 1476 days ago

I love Christina's hair & shirt(:
Oh and you all look super pretty:)

LindseyChau 1476 days ago

aww i love this picture!

theNataliaGr 1476 days ago

That's awesome! Love it:) But where is Lauren's bow? :D

Deeestiny 1476 days ago

so cute.! ; ))`

MaddieWass 1476 days ago

Greyson Chance is so cute! :]

ChanelsElbows 1476 days ago

Love your shirt Christinaaa.:)

cimrox 1476 days ago

GORGEOUS!!! But where's Lauren's bow? :P