Fred Durst


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2751 days ago


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Crazy_Nook 2728 days ago

Your hands are cool!!

Seasidedolly 2739 days ago


niblan 2747 days ago

how can a simple gesture mean so much? that's so sweet!

MarleysMum 2747 days ago

awwww thats tweet!

marcipiousslah 2747 days ago

i think red is not your color fred

Rushhead2112 2747 days ago

Her sweater looks like Mrs. Voorhees sweater...look out she has a machette

TheCrazyLirpa 2747 days ago

ps.... nice rubberband bracelet.

TheCrazyLirpa 2749 days ago

i used to underestimate holding hands like that... til i finally held the right hand... feels good huh!?

rebeccaseyes 2749 days ago

Thats Love! To hold hands is the best way to show it....

dee_Ick18 2750 days ago

Rubber band Man!

ah2bnForks80 2750 days ago

Hand In Hand
You Stand
Ready To Face
Whatever Life Has to Throw @ You
What an awesome feeling holding the hand of someone that completes you!
Good luck to you both :)

68fwd 2750 days ago

nice ink on your lady fred, but your nailpaint is way too redish :p

slavomirbencat 2750 days ago

hey man, u are romantic !

slikkersvikkers 2750 days ago

This makes me a little sad! lol... I have been INLOVE with Fred since I was in the seventh grade when your 2nd album came out. Congrats! I hope she is the most amazing person ever. You deserve it!!

Morto88 2750 days ago

Finally !!! Congratulates !!!

lbfan1420 2751 days ago


mitsy3217 2751 days ago

That’s awesome, I’m very happy for both of you. May it last a lifetime…

buckbadly 2751 days ago

Good for you Mr.Durst, wish you the best.

jokke1911 2751 days ago

very sweet!!!!! i am getting married on 15 mai!!

celtic_heart73 2751 days ago

Handholding is sweet. It's not seen as often.