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I will be your captain this evening.

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2299 days ago

I will be your captain this evening.


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Karen3amRT 2265 days ago

Awesome! I'll be your co-captain.LOL This must be your first flight.. u look scared.

HeyAJ1 2280 days ago

I'll buy a ticket on that plane - I sure would !!! haha - AJ

BRAZILSILVA_RT 2292 days ago

i want you to be my captain every night, rob!

NYCShopGuide 2296 days ago

You look like Steven Slater gonna whoop your ass

Matchbox20Girl 2297 days ago

Nice! Love that you're growing your hair out again! :)

charlene33 2297 days ago

you look as scared as I would if you were flying the plane:)

helBENT4heather 2297 days ago

you're freaking adorable- LoVE the hair!

Kattsong 2297 days ago

Sweetie, you can be my captain anyday!!!!!

drunkstar62 2297 days ago

Rob you look like you are in shock....its not a qantas flight!!!!!

Mama_R 2298 days ago

Help! Miss Flight Attendant! Alcohol is very much needed here!!!

PaSkydiver 2298 days ago

Looks much nicer than any plane I've jumped out of !!!

march9dew 2298 days ago

guys!!!! wrong direction!!!!! guys!!!!!

bluntio 2298 days ago


lemur236 2299 days ago

Noooo just sing

Trudiane 2299 days ago


Frank_Falvo 2299 days ago

Have we hit turbulence already haahhaha

TrishRah 2299 days ago

great pic lol where is your other hand and why are your eyes that big?? lol

KellyGrrrl73 2299 days ago

mile high, babay, mile hiiiiiiiiigh!!

nysfl 2299 days ago

Rob, I don't want to alarm you, but it looks like you drive the plane into a mall!

alonerocker 2299 days ago