It  was November 7th  1982 when in the state of Florida was born a baby boy called Rick who surely brought joy to his family. Who would have ever thought that exactly 28 years later this boy would be an international star loved by  daughters, moms and grandmas all over the world. Yes even my grandma loves you Mr. Malambri . She says “ I haven’t seen such a handsome man since the time my husband was young” XD  We were amazed by your dance moves, smile , voice and kindness that you showed on Step up 3 and fell in love with your character Luke and then with the person Rick, because we know that there isn’t a big difference between you and Luke. I bet you are even nicer than him :)  I have seen the movie 3 times at the cinema  in 3D and  some people called me crazy but who cares, watching a master piece over again never hurt.;) Today for your birthday I wish you all the bests of this world, I wish you to fulfill your dreams, to have a great career and a happy life with your wife. Enjoy this day and remember you are THE MAN! 
                                                                          Love, your number  1 fan