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A straight shooter

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1544 days ago

A straight shooter


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Naydeeners1989 1539 days ago

Lol! Good sign!

Iskoshi1991 1541 days ago

I see those all around Columbia!!! SC has a lot of bums.

ChadwickCarolyn 1543 days ago

What he really needs is a JOB!

AndrewRWeston 1543 days ago

Oh, so you've seen my Uncle Bert moonlighting

dchildonline 1544 days ago

what a hack bum

GonzoEnder 1544 days ago

Hey It's Adam Mckay... I was wondering what he's been up to.

Lil_La_Laura 1544 days ago

:) nice

BrittanyCMarie 1544 days ago

Me too.

Amandayoura 1544 days ago

this is right on so many levels yet sooooo wrong

krajnavalta 1544 days ago


__Hayley__ 1544 days ago

LOL!! Well, at least he's honest.

IAmMisti 1544 days ago

That dude has been in Vegas with that sign for years!!! I guess it works for him..

philanderson01 1544 days ago

He's gotta keep that beer baby fed behind the sign!

jamesbrktt 1544 days ago

As you can tell he has no problem acquiring beer.The honest approach is working.Nice watch too!

Hailamonster 1544 days ago


iLoveSeeAirAh 1544 days ago

yep i saw him before. hes on the bridge by the aria.

ThunderpantsJr 1544 days ago

Yeah. I've seen him, too. I think on a bridge near Aria?

millsieVRadio 1544 days ago

not sure '1' is all he needs. but the 'laugh factor' says: give him 1

JustSusan13 1544 days ago

Now that's a homeless dude I would GLADLY help!

cwltms 1544 days ago

That's awsome but he could have sold the watch he's wearing for a beer