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How slick are these roses?! They smell like beauty! I love going on walks..

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2370 days ago

How slick are these roses?! They smell like beauty! I love going on walks..


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jbiebsgotswaagg 2306 days ago

Roses are beautiful

IsabellaLF 2317 days ago

omg these roses are so beutiful, i LOVE roses!

jasminelockwood 2345 days ago

Gorgeoussssss!! ♥

GMAman777 2359 days ago

no, i am not gay for takin photos of flowers, call me gay, and you had better run. cuz i will beat you!

GMAman777 2359 days ago

you like photography? im just learnin (i have a good old canon SLR 35mm film camera) but i totally love it. if you would like, i could send you some good(for me, probably really crappy to the rest of the world) flower pics. yes im a fourteen year old dude

BaileyHenderson 2359 days ago

Hey Debby is it hard being famous with all your fans? anyway thanks fr everything

BaileyHenderson 2359 days ago

Hey Debby can you follow me on twitter so i can chat with you thanks

flubbaflabba 2360 days ago

oh i want a rose like that. they are soo preety.

twilightsweeney 2360 days ago

Nice photo, Debby!!=D=D Those are gorgeous!!

michuschvartz 2365 days ago

gorgeous. love you debby

hatsuee 2365 days ago

Hi Debdy, I Don't Speak English, I'm Doing An Effort To Communicate With You Jhajha, Well Follow Me Please! =S

kimbozuhh 2367 days ago

that is a awesome picture:) i am your nimber 1 fan! your the best debby! can you follow me so we can talk i really want to get to know youu! i have never met someone famous. i want you to help me make my dream come true to talk to a celebirty!

JNDii 2367 days ago

debby please follow me so we can talk!!!plz..... :D

xxleximariexx 2368 days ago

Beautiful! They're amazing like youu! Im new to twitter, Follow me you guys?


marinapug 2368 days ago

i love you debby :D follow me plz?

pretzeluke 2369 days ago

they are stellar! follow me? lol

maffela 2369 days ago

beautiful =) , ei deby you will follow me ? :D

musicmaniac2194 2370 days ago

Beautiful :D i love going outside

vixy494 2370 days ago

wow, that is like just what i want, a white picket fence and beautiful flowers

BcommaSarah 2370 days ago

Where are these? This is a great picture!