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2756 days ago


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Maru_Durst 2455 days ago

very luckyyyyyyyyy :/

cory_cory6 2582 days ago

She is soooooooooooo luckyyyyy!!! :D

chunkaroo 2746 days ago

now that you're getting married, lb needs to get their asses back on tour. in dallas prefferably!

bzwife07 2748 days ago

yep shes beautiful man~take care!!!

lbaustria 2750 days ago

fred your lady looks damn hott, looking forward to see you at nova rock, austria, newera 4-ever, lbf, greetings

TheCrazyLirpa 2752 days ago

Not like you need my opinion... but She has a natural classy look that makes her beautiful in ways some women could never accomplish. LUCKY FRED.

KrisKrueger 2753 days ago

peace, love and understanding....=:*

BlockdArtary 2753 days ago

excuse me for my rudeness or if I step out of line when I say "DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!" Wow, you always had good taste Freddy D.

Pbizkit 2754 days ago

im happy for you FD.... shes definetly a keeper =)

ysndk 2754 days ago


rebeccaseyes 2755 days ago

Nice! I hope you will be in Love for the rest of your Life!

Morto88 2755 days ago

Freddy, You have very beautiful lady :) Peace Man !!!

klambruschini 2755 days ago

Gotta love willow glen. Worked at the dog store wasn't sure it was you or not haha. Hope u had a great day!

DoubleBagger 2755 days ago

Very Cute !

Texmonster 2755 days ago

when you guys coming down to vegas =0P

CharMissesAndy 2755 days ago

I dig the salt and pepper scruff... :) It's distinguished. ;) And she's pretty, too. You guys make a cute couple.

FabioBigBlue 2756 days ago

Very Pretty!! When will you come to Brazi, man?

5umm3rb 2756 days ago

Wow, look at them!

slavomirbencat 2756 days ago

new girl = new album ? :-D

katpla21 2756 days ago

Picture Perfect! Beautiful!