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LRdope 2903 days ago

thats ur lil grl with paula, i was vip'n ur lil one around the park! dont think u remeber me! lizette! with the red shirt!

damiman23 2905 days ago

IT looks kinda real. I was wondering why they would let a little girl who looks like she is under the age of 10 cut someone open like that without being arrested.

P.S Luda you da best and answer my facebook message i sent you.

FamilyBizEnt 2905 days ago

Now that's whats up. Shot out to Luda, this had to feel good as a father.

classy_lady2009 2906 days ago

Wow how cool is that! Preparing her for the future I see (smile)

JayyClay 2906 days ago

i went there when i was in sixth grade its at the sawgrass mills

huchick2006 2906 days ago it really a dummy?? who would have guessed that they not letting a lil girl cut open a real live person? :-/ yo, i think they shortchanging Karma (of course, it's not a real live person..LOL

compinche 2906 days ago

Wow that's crazy.... Looks like fun!

djbrandigarcia 2906 days ago

Awwww... So cute! :)

keniya 2906 days ago


dwright1906 2906 days ago

Umm...It's a Dummy! DUMB ASS!

ShaReese23 2906 days ago

Awww she is so brave!

huchick2006 2906 days ago

awwwww! i agree too...i would be GONE before even tryin to cut the patient! when she graduates from med school, remind her of this pic!

JackgotemALL 2906 days ago

that look so real

purestohio31 2906 days ago

to cute

Nae2Timezfool 2906 days ago


mzosoglossee 2906 days ago

OMG Are you serious!! She is sooo Brave!! Id be runnin up outta there!