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Really LA?..

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1670 days ago

Really LA?..


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jerevais 1625 days ago

-14 C in some spots in Northern Ireland at the moment...

JohnALinc 1648 days ago

Negative 96 degrees Fahrenheit?

LizBethRenwick 1668 days ago

yep, yep...bring on the chill why don't ya...are you listening God?

TheRealGaryK 1669 days ago

Wow! That's nothing compared to Australia! We can get up to 50 Degrees Celsius + Lol :-)

jillw 1669 days ago

Global warming?

CriticSssms 1670 days ago

'its hot ' aka Paris.

CriticSssms 1670 days ago

It's hot !!!!!!

brendad61 1670 days ago

Woot woot! Its going to be summer forever.

califly0623 1670 days ago

100 degrees here in San Diego...craziness!

acocke 1670 days ago

Man I'll switch that temp any day!! Freaking cold down here in Oklahoma!!

TheDynomiteD 1670 days ago

Shiit I bet that pegs never even made it halfway to 140!! Haaa!

CriticSssms 1670 days ago

Hot guy!!!!!
get it
he's HOT !!!!!!
hot guy !!!!!!!!

gardos 1670 days ago

Dude...mine said 103 when leaving downtown @ 3pm and dropped to a chilly 100 when I got home to Mar Vista...It's like this city 'middle-fingers' Fall every year...kind of like Arizona ey?

TinamariaT 1670 days ago

ha ha, it snowed here in Ontario,Canada !! Brrrrrr

lockdoc1 1670 days ago

Only 83 in Phoenix today!

LoveManor 1670 days ago

All my leftover Halloween candy has fused together. O well now Im not lying when I say Im having 1.

neirds 1670 days ago

It was 16 degrees and raining in to Dublin today, practically tropical!

shonnburton 1670 days ago

And here we are enjoying the low 70's in Austin, TX!

dactribble 1670 days ago

Next time use Metro.

AisforAcid 1670 days ago

Better then 40...