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G-LO @Georgelopez with GC we look satanic!

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2157 days ago

G-LO with GC we look satanic!


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TwiUsic 2055 days ago


EMT_Tiffani 2084 days ago

lol that u do...but nonetheless u guys look great :) (including :D)

KimWoodland 2086 days ago

anyone else wondering why Deano is the only one with normal eyes lol

thungden 2087 days ago

wow COOL !!!

ddritzenhein 2102 days ago

Your eyes in this pic make you guys look like aliens

AnneWilkins 2157 days ago

paul scares me in this

itsbaybiegurl 2157 days ago

This is my favorite picture. GC Looking evil WOO!

PilaRxiTaC 2157 days ago

u guys look so satanic!! but i don't even care.. I love u

sexualDREAkitty 2157 days ago

you're always dressed good

cheekyoziechick 2157 days ago

I don't even know what to say.....

BeckylovesGC 2157 days ago

as much as i love you guys, this pic might actually give me nightmares! lol

cla_gc 2157 days ago

Paul's face is hilarious! hahah xD u really look satanic xD

feelingsounholy 2157 days ago


jenny_35 2157 days ago

Wow ! what is up with the glowing eye's??? Nice photo though

maryUNLVEGAS 2157 days ago

when they spend the show

GCbelu 2157 days ago

i love face!!

GCbelu 2157 days ago

really satanic!!! what you are always beautiful!!!

blackangelleo 2157 days ago

hell rising ^^

MARCOPAC_ 2157 days ago

PPPuauhauhahahahhau GOOD CHARLOTTE are in the truth Vampires ahahh

emmuh_lee 2157 days ago

Hahahaha! You guys look awesome. ^_^ You're still one of my all-time favorite bands.<3