Grant Imahara


Robot builder, modelmaker and television host on Mythbusters.

On the way to bomb range. #fromset #karibyron #torybelleci #mythbusters

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2842 days ago

On the way to bomb range. #fromset #karibyron #torybelleci #mythbusters


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nillyvanilla3 2628 days ago

It's amazing. People can look so happy going to work.
Mythbusters, however, shouldn't count as work. Way too fun.

Mattfn 2825 days ago

Them hills in the Bay Area is tough!

teachingfeller 2839 days ago

kinda screwed the camera guy out of his seat I see. "Shotgun!" "Yah, um no."

trish1972 2842 days ago

*ahem* I meant "taking". oh boy...

trish1972 2842 days ago

Wow...taken the SOUTHERN route to that bomb range ;)

CarrieLeighC 2842 days ago

Hahaha, look at that smile on Tori's face.

sambo_baggins 2842 days ago

You let tori drive!?? TO A BOMB RANGE!?!? Do you know what danger you put urself in!? lol jk! :P

VivaChewbacca 2842 days ago

I have to concur with . Best. Job. Ever.

trs21219 2842 days ago

i wanna go to the bomb range and blow shit up!!! :(

ShinyHappyHead 2842 days ago

That's one frickin' steep hill.

CarlNGraham 2842 days ago

Hope they are not being dropped onto the bomb range:)

luvinjrandsmoke 2842 days ago

Weee Bombrange

Farren_kun 2842 days ago

Are you guys driving to the center of the earth? You're going straight down!

AustGr3m 2842 days ago

No wonder they look so excited

Joi_the_Artist 2842 days ago

I'm so envious. I still think you guys have the coolest jobs ever.