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cindy85a 2088 days ago

i'ts on TV of Taiwan!!!!!!!!

somaa99 2101 days ago

هوولي الناس فاهمين الا انا وياك زي الاطرش في الزفه

HollyHolden8 2102 days ago


somaa99 2102 days ago


fangjill 2107 days ago

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saranghae1994 2111 days ago

What is that?

Ms_ELF 2112 days ago

hahaha .. Laughing a lot when i see the report ..

amiri7493 2114 days ago

This show is very biased. As I was watching, it was all assumption-based. I can see why wookie is annoyed.

sujudork602 2115 days ago

retarded tv show, don't they know SM and korean netizens are super scary?! I wouldn't b suprised if they died... in a korean resturant.... in front of an SM town poster! THATS HOW SCART KOREAN NETIZENS R!! ;w;

rosi3rwiz 2115 days ago

i don't know if you're forced to say this or not! but i'm still an anti of them!

rosi3rwiz 2115 days ago

true or not? nobody knows.even if you say that you're angry or this is not true, i don't believe that!

rosi3rwiz 2115 days ago

well.this may annoy you,but taiwan media are waayyyyyy too right!
i don't care if my idol likes snsd, but i HATE them!

victoryclara 2116 days ago

사실, 그것은 단순히 불가능한 일이야. 어떤 여자 머리를합니까? 그녀는 뭔가를 제대로 무슨 짓을 있을까요?

rinduaninditha 2116 days ago

calm down oppa ;)

TinaSyifa 2116 days ago

heh.. justru emang SNSD harus dibela.. aq termasuk pendukung SNSD.. SNSD we love u...

hyunXkiu 2118 days ago


heart0915 2118 days ago

真的是丟臉丟到國外了 一一" 只能說名嘴也要懂的適可而止

MyPearlBlue 2118 days ago

kenapa kamu membela SNSD??
emang pantes kalau SNSD!!

ikje11_3 2118 days ago

đài loan nó não ngắn:(đậu bị tốt bụg nhớ^^

r562odnjwq 2118 days ago