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Again......its been too long since I was home last.

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1549 days ago

Again......its been too long since I was home last.


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JoeSainson 1182 days ago

Sure glad that turned out to be a carrot...couldn't tell from the thumbnail. O_o

Kibenloco 1494 days ago

elenagymnast 1547 days ago

Ha it dressed up for Haloween to try and scare you!!!

sam8213 1548 days ago

i am available for taking care of your place while your away , nah i wouldnt take anything . !!

waynemhughes 1549 days ago

Don't worry Danica, The off season & the holidays are just around the next corner.

Topaz90 1549 days ago

You can just start a garden with 'em and when you come home again you'll have fresh vegetables XD

I_Am_IndyCar 1549 days ago

This is like twice this year isn't it? HAHA Paul must not do a lot of cooking when your away!

adamalbrecht 1549 days ago

Funny that we just talked about this yesterday. You need a TuberSitter while you travel.

amcctx 1549 days ago

Cool !! A bonsai tree....:)

Rosebud024 1549 days ago

Danica stay awhile....lol!! you hit and run! What is that thing......lol

Jen7Ca 1549 days ago

haha, ok DP, just start planting those spuds b4 u go away. ;)

RickyDanica 1549 days ago

You can enter it in a contest.

longrideh2o1 1549 days ago

hope you get there soon and safe

rhixon19 1549 days ago

Atleast it is warm enough there for something to think about growing! INDIANA IS FREEZING!

SchwansBob 1549 days ago

Plant that baby and when you get home next you'll have some fresh new ones! BTW beautiful marble!

DuBeL_B 1549 days ago


MarkDeanSmith 1549 days ago

It was trying to grow legs so it could go look for food...!!!

Kittycorgi 1549 days ago

That happens. Are you sure your not in my Pantry! Things do grow fast here in AZ.

Angelus1701 1549 days ago

You've got to plant it!

abestlocksmith 1549 days ago