We can be friends.

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1939 days ago


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RockinRobin95 1935 days ago

she luks darkish cuz of the bronzer. naturally,its lighter,olive.[; probly make up artists,anyways,she's beautiful and lovely voice

friedlibby 1936 days ago

ahhh!! cute :)

Azn_Sensation 1937 days ago

u guys look so cute

Nozomimaekawa 1937 days ago


freenotfurry 1938 days ago

actually jealous of you...she's great

x_ivyforever_x 1938 days ago

she looks cardboard-ish xD

eveyelle 1938 days ago

awww looks like your holding her hand
you two would make the cutest babies
please reserve one for me :)

urticketut 1938 days ago

why were u there? and why did u meet her?!?!?!??!?!

LindsLUNATIX 1938 days ago

A little bit grabby aren't you kevin lmfao. Nice hand in the pocket pose.

gerrimaepecson 1938 days ago

lookin pretty spiffy there

narthyllek 1938 days ago

lucky you!

AlannaWi 1938 days ago

He has the same look in all these shots. lol

QuyenakaQ 1938 days ago

you could tell your dad you have a black girlfriend and show him this pic. lol jk. :) she's very pretty and a very good singer...

ThePoloHole 1938 days ago

lol, to whoever said kev looks more like the celeb...i thought the exact same thing!

OmgEsh 1938 days ago

Not to be racist, But i didnt think her skin was that dark is it fake tan? :/ lol Gratz tho!

SavannahSkyline 1938 days ago

who knew but kevjumba is really tall

darkknightcries 1938 days ago

nice kev. I'm fricken jelous of you man! does she know that your kevjumba?

nznn 1939 days ago

You lucky lucky boy! But the picture is so blur! Heheh. But yes, cute ;D

bry_ng 1939 days ago

you are so lucky man! I am super jealous!

belittledweirdo 1939 days ago

Good thing you don't have your jumbao with you. Haha.