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Actor/writer - Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, Paul, World's End. Also, secret agent, starship engineer and diesel weasel. GSOH. Must love dogs.

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laurensadler88 2270 days ago

It just says 'Coca Cola' in red and Light (spelt phonetically) in black

SteveBrandonOTT 2270 days ago

I dunno Arabic, but I'm guessing the last character in red & first character in black is "La" (coLA & maybe LA-ight or something).

MarmoorahF 2270 days ago

Wow, bomb and poison jokes. Creative. mwkilburn was funny though.

MishaFnCollins 2270 days ago

very neat! i love soda labels from diffident countries. i had one from japan that said it was from the states lol. and we dont even have the soda that was supposed to be from here

mikedee84 2270 days ago

Reviews of obscure canned drinks
Get on it!

milesprowl 2270 days ago

SSLSK soda? Never heard of it.

Gathunn 2270 days ago

I say you walk around the town with your diet coke and scream "speak english!" at the people that pass by. Make some friends. ;)

Squirrely99 2270 days ago

Im not scared of the can but the icky stuff inside, itll kill ya....

ttreedy 2270 days ago

Ah, guess that means you've arrived.... enjoy your diet Coke!

scplanet 2270 days ago

This can is BOMB!... Pun INTENDED.

davidrstrong 2270 days ago

We are everywhere! (USA)

iAtif_ 2270 days ago

It actually says...'infidel pigs'

DC_Zol 2270 days ago

BOMB! (just kidding!)

zohaibdurrani 2270 days ago

relax guyz.....its coke diet, its written in arabic!! :)

Vanessa_Roe 2270 days ago

Oh Emm Gee. Don't touch it. It's a bomb.

x <3 x

heathermlly 2270 days ago

It's squiggle drink! Have you never heard of it before?

kuzitiz 2270 days ago

Diet Coke from Qatar. no pull tab, just a peel-off sticker. i have a can of regular Coke.