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I am an author & literary agent. Unseeing Eyes is the story of my life; the others are just books. I'm a stream of consciousness, a dreamer, a friend to all...

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One of my LAST from #ShadesOfAugust & perhaps my Moonlight Sonata #Watercolor #Pencil #ColoredPencil #CapeMay

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1365 days ago

One of my LAST from #ShadesOfAugust & perhaps my Moonlight Sonata #Watercolor #Pencil #ColoredPencil #CapeMay


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UnseeingEyes 722 days ago

My subconscious has known for some time, but now my conscious mind is aware, my lovely friend's birthday is soon

UnseeingEyes 1245 days ago

Even the best fall down sometimes...Howie Day -Collide- #Song #SFD #Art

UnseeingEyes 1309 days ago

Goodnight & Goodbye. I'm not waiting til the New Year. Boyz II Men -End Of The Road-

UnseeingEyes 1329 days ago

My farewell to my BEST piece of #ART w/ -James Taylor- Fire & Rain (Beacon Theatre) #VIDEO

UnseeingEyes 1337 days ago

-OUT OF TEARS- #Music #Video -Rolling Stones- #SFD

UnseeingEyes 1338 days ago

Torturing myself over Shannon isn't helping me. She knows I love her. She knows I always will. I can do no more.

UnseeingEyes 1342 days ago

She's really gone for good? -Anybody Seen My Baby- #Music #Video -Rolling Stones-

UnseeingEyes 1344 days ago

Staind - "So Far Away" #Acoustic #Music #Video Great Song & Sketch

UnseeingEyes 1352 days ago

I really think if I just saw her for ONE second, as I am today, right now, it would be "enough."

UnseeingEyes 1354 days ago

Today my mom saw this actual piece of art & said, "Oh my God. When did you learn to do this?" She was amazed.

UnseeingEyes 1356 days ago

One last thought; I know deep down inside, none of this art will change anything. Even though it should.

UnseeingEyes 1358 days ago

It's just "she" is all i see. I had horrible nightmares last night once again. Can't get her out of my mind. #SFD

UnseeingEyes 1362 days ago

I now have this framed & hanging; been staring at it for 8 minutes. She would be amazed & speechless. I am.

UnseeingEyes 1363 days ago

THANK U -speaking of which here is FUEL's "Shimmer" #Acoustic #Live #SFD

UnseeingEyes 1364 days ago

Oh, Dios porqué tener que separarse uno mismo, de lo que uno ama tanto...#USE -Immortal Beloved #SFD

UnseeingEyes 1364 days ago

& when you smile...the whole world stops & stares for a while...Just The Way You Are...

UnseeingEyes 1364 days ago

Nov 1, 2010; Still no word from #SFD w/ Thanksgiving around the corner. Whiter Shade of Pale

UnseeingEyes 1365 days ago

I can look at this now objectively & without emotion, but feel good, & say, "It is beautiful!"