Marble Hornets


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FrediPOW 2128 days ago

you could add the 23 in the pic to the date, 1/11/10, so 27 or 36, and maybe look at those entries again..

raitenshi246 2154 days ago

Honestly stop putting ambiguous binary codes on here pretending to actualy be involved -_-

EberJunior 2177 days ago

01001001 00100000 01001000 01000001 01010100 01000101 00100000 01000110 01000001 01001011 01000101 00100000 01010011 01010100 01010101 01000110 01000110

ehtsikrA 2186 days ago


Ov97 2186 days ago

hmmm... 33. Maybe entry 33 is where masky tries to kill jay but fails? confuzzling :S

kqsimply 2202 days ago

ohgod this sweater looks familiar--

Chatterton20o 2204 days ago

tearfully unhealthy Helmut unfermented

Funkatronics 2207 days ago

it knows something we dont. because whenever he goes thru the door w/ slendys symbol he goes right back to the doll. and it's POINTING AT something . . . I swear!

Funkatronics 2207 days ago

the thing that plauges me is that damable sewer pipe we keep seeing. and that doll in vid 23

Rhi_R 2227 days ago

FOR THE LOVE OF CRAP, WHERE IS BRIAN? Am I the only one plagued by this question? D:

alman3000 2227 days ago

"Mouthless he speaks, Eyeless he watches " = "Speak no evil, See no evil" The ex is see no evil

gammeron 2228 days ago

you might need to add the roman numeral X...from the symbol...and that makes that does anything...

NateIsAHeel 2234 days ago I discovered something.

Jsor 2234 days ago

Could the numbers be related to the safe code? 2310, 1010, 5555, 5103 (etc) any possible reading.

ElementalProFX 2237 days ago

oooh, soo cute!

ichangx 2240 days ago

red for hours at a time. My guess is both slenderman and masky are butt rapists who erase alex's and jay's memory after each butt rape sesh. most probably, that is the case.

ichangx 2240 days ago

less he speaks. eyeless he watches" most probably implies Slenderman, who has no mouth or eyes yet speaks and watches...most probably Jay. Slenderman is looking for Alex, he found weird shit is happening to jay. They both seemed to have dissapea

ichangx 2240 days ago

/ noah sark has been commenting on nearly all the pics with the message "Waiting" in binary. Namrednels is slenderman backwards. Noah Sark is Noah's Ark. There is something about Noah's Ark here.

Ther'es also ATTHETOWER. his message "mouth

AtTheTower 2242 days ago

Mouthless he speaks. Eyeless he watches....

ScorpionHell666 2244 days ago

23... marked with an X at the end...
I think the X marked the moment when J uploaded the entry 27... just sayin'

Also. Isn't it wierd? He woke up on a day 23 and uploaded the new entry the same day...
X marks the spot would say a pirate