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Hi this is Miley. I love rainbows, John Lennon, and Franklin, Tennessee.

off to the hm movie premier in nashville with brandi!

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2731 days ago

off to the hm movie premier in nashville with brandi!


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ProjetoMileyRJ 2075 days ago

perfeeeeect ♥

UnitedforMiles 2092 days ago

you are so pretty!

remyn947 2093 days ago

And the same photo without clothing:

MileysGangster 2203 days ago

cuteeeee. <333

WeSupportNJd 2321 days ago


_giiiis 2414 days ago

#nileynotnelena :))))) +1 ahauahaua

NileyRightHere 2429 days ago

#nileynotnelena :)))))) That made my day!!!!!!

BreakoutFavSong 2433 days ago

Wow. I love Traveling!

AngelFaithLS 2435 days ago

Tags: +niley not nelena

LittLeAnnii 2553 days ago

your dress is beautiful

xMyDestiny 2560 days ago

Tags: niley not nelena

Shaylouful 2573 days ago


tkaur93 2579 days ago

u both look goregeous and i love the lv bag!

ngm_mileyfan1 2580 days ago


demiselenas 2586 days ago

Beautiful < 33 Miley you are my rolemodel, I don't care what people say about you. When you get knocked down you get right back up and I have so much respect for that ! Youre an amazing musician, the song When I Look At You breaks my heart, its thát good.

Cotton_candy_xx 2587 days ago

aww your soo pretty x

brooklyngirl125 2588 days ago


renataalecrim 2589 days ago

I love your bag !!! ( Louis Vuitton ) COME TO BRAZIL !!!!

becaboaventura 2589 days ago

louis vuiiton bealtiful