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Thanks to you I am encouraged to work harder! Thank you, my family in China! Xiexie :)

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2012 days ago

Thanks to you I am encouraged to work harder! Thank you, my family in China! Xiexie :)


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Punkwesha 1817 days ago

Sarangheeee Opa >< , Plllllllz Follow Me Plllllllllllllz ><

SiwoNely 1951 days ago

I'm realy like you.... Choi Si Won Oppa.... Saranghaeyo...^_^

Iam_Anoud 1972 days ago

yes,every one love him family but the huomen shod think in the futcher what he going to do whin they disperd from har thinkyou gad

yijia_huang 1979 days ago

Thank you for loving China!!Thank you,Siwon.

piko_sloeeyed 1982 days ago

성공을 죽하합니다 ^^ that's great, you did very well ♥

LTY_Janus 1982 days ago

ni wei she me bu lai xiang gang?

Tikkkee 1984 days ago

Looks like can not leave private message to you...I just be here to be close with you,The most short distance between us was about 8m in Beijing Oct 23 this year.I am not a crazy girl. I am not a crazy fan, but my heart is really crazy because of you. I'm

melindabluELF 1984 days ago

i still love you choi siwon

Tikkkee 1985 days ago

Pity that TWITTER is forbidden in China, thousands of fans can not follow you here.I tried several days to make it...Siwon, Fighting..You are angel to all the Chinese fans, to all the worldwide fans.We are here. We are always here with you.

gghgxc 1988 days ago


herony201 1990 days ago

شيوني اوبااا فااايتينق

Jeweldictator 1991 days ago

Great !!!!!!! oppa

dhharu1315 1991 days ago

Ahh Oppa ><

KpopSarang97 1991 days ago


differentxworld 1991 days ago

I'm glad you're well ^^, god bless you forever ~~~
사랑해 ^^

FtDrMH 1991 days ago

시원 you rock! :D

MyHanh_6290 1991 days ago =>> oppa !..this is a picture of CSW's lovers- vietnamese elfs

Nelyta23 1991 days ago

Nin hao ma? How are you? Como estas? U also have fans in America!!!!! xD

fan_siwon_4ever 1992 days ago

i love you swion oppa , i think about you everyday , and i want your email please

JinSeungA 1993 days ago

Superjr's twitter in English,中國語, 한국어, 日本語 ,tiếng Việt, ไทย ://