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Hello, Colton Haynes here, this is my official account. Watch me in Teen Wolf on MTV as Jackson.

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jcjoeyfreak 741 days ago

These racist comments on a costume are dumb. This was posted nearly two years ago! The fuck?

scuttling 757 days ago

ahh, you prob wanted a v. authentic costume,but blackface is v. problematic, pls research, u>this

jagering 777 days ago

Haaa what? This is actually extremely awesome.

ShyaridanKaa 777 days ago

This is extremely racist.

SpikeGhost 778 days ago

Do you have any idea how racist this is?

TheWolfSings 778 days ago

You look nothing like Kanye. You look like a racist, idiot white boy in blackface. GTFO!

dizzy_mzlizzy 778 days ago

Do you not realize how gross it is to do blackface? :/ way to be racist, Colton

HeyAJ1 1360 days ago

that is dedication to a costume - what an illusionist - u mind freak!!! - lol - just playin.

wickednightskye 1398 days ago

Love it!

Gatez02 1398 days ago

I love it! Lol. Very creative with the taylor swift shirt. By far my fave

CoriKast 1398 days ago

That's awesome! I'd give you a bunch of candy haaah

KatieMcLasky 1398 days ago

lmao holy shit thats amazing haha

TravisRadina 1398 days ago

I'mma let you finish, but Colton Haynes has one of the best Halloween costumes of all time!!!

WildesBlueChina 1398 days ago


CupOfDavid 1399 days ago

Whaaaaaaaat? OMG, that's amazing.

MrsMarioGomez 1399 days ago

Wow!! Can't even tell that's you!

SaadGKhan 1399 days ago

ya live up to the hype you're creating about your Halloween Costume... Still can't believe that its U :p Great man.

AliCobrin 1399 days ago

this is so confusing. I don't believe it!

Fits19 1399 days ago

I would never know that was you if i saw you on the street.

ColtonHaynesCom 1399 days ago

Hilarious!! :D